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  • Tecumseh, Michigan is a vibrant community, situated 25 miles southwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan and 45 miles northwest of Toledo, Ohio. Nestled into the rolling landscape of Lenawee County, the City's location provides easy access to major highways and airports.





  • Labor Pool
    South Central Michigan Works Labor and Market Trend Reports
  • Industrial Companies in Tecumseh
    • Comstar Automotive
    • Creek Enterprise, Inc.
    • Diggypod
    • Ervin Product Development Center
    • GLOV Enterprises/TTP
    • Glycon Corporation
    • Hamblin Company
    • ididit Incorporated
    • Van-Rob Tecumseh
    • Libra Precision Machining
    • Pegasus Mold & Die
    • Pentamere Winery
    • Rare Tool Inc.
    • Roberts Tool Company
    • Roesch Manufacturing Company
    • Spectrum Printers
    • Tecumseh Herald
    • Tecumseh Packaging Solutions, Inc.
    • Wallich Construction
    • Tecumseh Brewing Company
    • Timbercraft Homes
    • Total Molding Solutions, Inc.
    • Uniloy Milacron
    • Tecumseh Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Artonic
    • Tecumseh Technologies/Tecumseh Signals
    • Tecumseh Tool and Cutter Grinding
    • Tecumseh Trolley and Limosine

Unemployment Resources


  • Tecumseh Public Schools
  • Lenawee Intermediate School District (LISD) Tech Center
  • Jackson College
  • Southern Michigan Center for Science and Industry 
    • SMCSI/TPS Partnership
      In order to more fully meet the needs of Lenawee County students and regional manufacturers, SMCSI is opening an East Campus on the campus of Tecumseh High School, allowing students the same access to the mechatronics curriculum as the students in the Hudson site. The SMCSI program will be a partnership between the SMCSI and Tecumseh Public Schools, located on the campus of Tecumseh High School.

      The Amatrol Mechatronics curriculum is a curriculum developed by and for industry and uses industrial components in all of its trainers. It provides a skills-based, interactive technical learning curriculum. It is designed to engage high school students as they learn critical science and mathematics concepts. It incorporates the use of CTE instructors that have modern manufacturing experience. The SMCSI expansion will allow for partnerships with key industry leaders that provide guidance, thousands of dollars of supplies and hundreds of thousands of dollars towards equipment.

      High school students will use a project-based curriculum that is focused on integrated technology concepts. The program will require students to integrate multiple technologies such as; mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, control, and computer technology to solve predesigned project goals. During this process they will learn critical workplace skills that will prepare them for the team-based, problem solving approach utilized in modern manufacturing facilities.

  • Adrian College
  • Siena Heights University

City of Tecumseh Building Services

The Building Services Department, under Director Bradley A. Raymond, is responsible for the following services: 

Issuing building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits, site plan review, zoning compliance, property maintenance complaints, noxious weed complaints, setting Zoning Board of Appeals dates, Planning Commission meetings, Historic Preservation Commission meetings, Construction Board of Appeals, Property Maintenance Board of Appeals and similar matters. Mr. Raymond is the Building Inspector and Zoning Administrator.

This Department oversees all new construction and additions to existing buildings in the city, including industrial, commercial and residential properties.

The Department also ensures that all construction meets State of Michigan Codes. Building Division inspectors review construction at certain stages and at the conclusion of all projects to ensure compliance with all the City's Building Codes and Construction Standards.

GIS Information

City of Tecumseh GIS is now available for public viewing featuring property boundaries and aerial photographs.

Available Properties 

Funding & Incentives

Tecumseh enjoys a proactive business environment and has been recognized multiple times by the University of Michigan eCities program for its entrepreneurial climate. The City of Tecumseh has a history of working with businesses to provide them with the tools they need, including property tax abatements, Brownfield incentives, job training initiatives and other resources to help businesses grow.

  • Michigan has reinvented the incentive process. Instead of offering tax credits that may provide future savings based on jobs and investment targets, MEDC has programs that provide immediate benefit. Couple these innovative programs with a low 6% Corporate Income Tax and the proposed elimination of the Personal Property Tax, Michigan offers one of the best pro-business environments in the country. Each year, $170 million is available in incentives and assistance. Plus, $100 million is available in loans to small and midsize businesses.
    • Lenawee County Business Revolving Loan Fund

      The Lenawee County Business Revolving Loan Fund program has the funding necessary to assist businesses get started, grow and provide jobs in Lenawee County. Since 2009, the LCBRLF has made loans to businesses totaling over $1,800,000, with loans ranging from $70,000 to $400,000.  Loans are particularly tailored for businesses that, for whatever reason, have found it difficult to meet traditional lending institution requirements.

    • Banks

Entrepreneurial Resources